Sunday, April 7, 2013

Island Cruise Photodiary

Summer came early for me last February when I got back in Cebu from all the board exam fuss in Manila. My friends planned on a banca cruise and my arrival in the home town was just perfect timing. The beach, my friends (whom I haven’t been with in ages).. two of the best things in the world. I was first to arrive and you can just imagine how giddy I was as I watched everyone arrive in batches and get off their vehicles.

You know the drill: Snorkeling, Island Hopping, Lots of Pictures, Food, Wading, Music on board, Leisure Swimming, Afternoon naps on the boat, Sunsoaking (not too much though), and a whole lot of catching up. It was priceless.
These guys and I grew up in the same youth group and we called ourselves “Jamsesh” (I coined that since it was too long to say Jam Sessioners) because our friendship started with single guitar and a random jam session in a boat back to Cebu from a youth camp back in 2005, and we’ve been family since—we do volunteer work together thru Elim/Genrev, fight and argue (C'mon there are about 20 of us), go out and play or hang, and grow (in number) like family too. I know, I know that was a little too cheesy but come on. :)

Since this is a photodiary, I’m just gonna let all the photos do the talking. Luckily, we have a lot of camera- wielders in the bunch, spared me from doing a lot of work in this photo diary:
Maj and I on Canon, Julz on Pentax, Mic on Iphone.
(Raises Glass Coconut ) To Summer? To Summer! <3

Can you feel the high I felt that day? Haha.
I hope you enjoyed it! More summer photo diaries to come! :)
You too can book your own banca cruise here.

Outfit Post time! :)
Nothing fancy or frilly for beach this time. Light clothes you can split and cartwheel in work best for days when you intend to run wild. Hahaha. I happy kind of blue for my bottom, and a basic white polo for that chic factor and later changed into what I'd like to call my baywatch tank (red) which I bagged for 200php at Penshoppe. I think it was supposed to be a sleeping garment or something. Haha. I intentionally got one 2 sizes bigger and I'm sure you get why. ;)

Polo: Guess
Shorts: bobson
Baywatch Tank: Penshoppe
 Bandeau: City of Vintage


  1. this is making me miss the beach! :(

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