Monday, April 29, 2013

Ready for Action

So my peg for this look is Jennifer Lopez in Anaconda, Olivia Wilde in Cowboys vs Aliens, Halle Berry in James Bond, and lady Jaye in G.I. Joe. Just Kidding! :)) It's funny how a tank or sando top (usually gray), aviators, and either unkempt hair or pony tails are always directors' favorites when it comes to girls in action films. This pair is totally fuss-free, perfect for action, and cartwheel-ready. Haha. I love how my new skull x stud shorts handmade by Tres Marias Online gave it a really cool bad-ass factor. I just had to pair it with a tank, boots, and just that!

I took a quick outfit picture on my phone just before heading out to join my cousins in San Rem last Saturday. SanRem had always been our hide-out since we were little. While we usually hibernate here for 3-5 days, I swear it was the shortest and most jam packed get-away I have ever been to in my life. Funny, Ninz and I still managed to shoot for Blind Clothing's April catalogue-- her as model and I as makeup artist, stylist, photographer-- in jammies. How glamorous. Here are a few mobile photos I took on the trip.

Soon as the family arrived from a 3-4 hr drive, we settled quickly and had "grilla dinna" with 4 other families. After doing dishes (did I mention dinner for 4 families?) us cousins bonded over drinks and some music by the pool. At 230 am, thanks to Jag, I showered and turned in. I don't get why people like Jagermeister. I'm not a drink kinda girl but, tequila is still quila for me.
Thanks to my very pushy dad, I got my aching body off bed at 8am to have breakfast and resumed to shoot with Ninz here on this natural back drop right after. A shoot run by a team of 2 girls on a hot beach is NOT easy! Don't even get me started with the pre-shoot and post-shoot "activities" like dragging a huge plastic bag of stock down to shore. We finished by noon. :)
After shooting, we just wanted to seek refuge at the sea but lunch was waiting. So after a real good sutukil lunch, we did not hesitate. This is me finishing up at around 3pm because we had to get ready to leave back for the city before sun down.

I always put pressure on my weekends.. that it always has to be epic enough to last the whole week. I couldn't figure out what I wanted until this weekend came. This is my ideal weekend after all. Fun, new, productive, action-filled, and jam-packed. :) 

Have a great week, everyone! x

Boots: Thrift Find


  1. love the shorts!


  2. nice photos! fab outfit! I'm following you. I really hope you to the same!

  3. Nah awesome pants!! mwah

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    1. DIY-ed by someone, pretty cool right? Thanks!! :)

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    1. Thanks, Nery! Mobile photos make blogging so much easier! Haha!

  6. Cuteee shorts!

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  7. love the skull shorts

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