Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Kick-Off

In my first post of the year, I told you guys about the big triumph followed by a big heartbreak we wrestled with at BLINDxx. at the end of last year. After my board exams and a bit of recovery period months after, Ninz and I decided it's time we got back on track and use the theft incident as an inspiration for us to work better and harder.

So here, as unemotional as I wish to be about the whole thing, I'm baring my heart and soul to thank everyone who still came and dropped by our page last week. It was our kick-off for the year. More than just order forms, it meant all the joy in the world to us knowing that people were still around. Really! For those who didn't get to come, we were holding a clearance sale to clear out all our stocks and make room for new pieces (both BLINDxx picks and BLINDxx creations)--- a bigger, better (and more active) BLINDxx this 2013. I'm excited to show you guys everything we've been putting together to fill your closets with only classy, trendy, good quality apparel. You have no idea how far we go just to try and get you the best stuff. :)

If you haven't viewed our sale album, you can check it out here. There are a couple of items still available. Stay tuned and hope to see you all on our facebook page.  Also, follow us on instagram and twitter @blindxxclothing .

Until next time!<3

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