Friday, November 29, 2013

Street Chic

Hi, everyone! I will not even begin to rant about why I've been an inconsistent blogger again, I'm sure you've had enough of those.  My last  post was roughly 2 months ago and I have all the reasons in the world. Starting from the 7.2 earthquake that hit Cebu, our business trip to Japan and the assignments that came home with me, Blind Clothing backlogs, my birthday, both my parents' birthdays, my weekly visit to the doctor, the severe typhoon Haiyan and relief campaigns.. all those neatly packed in in 2 months left this blog quiet for some time. Well to be honest, I haven't been taking much OOTD's either, not very diligently, that is. So do forgive me if the next few posts will be of phone or digicam pictures-- struggling with grain and lighting and all like this one.. composed of either me and my casual saturday clothes or my work outfits, seriously in crisis she's going to be a blog post or a mere instagram post.

But this is me, you see. I rarely plan what I wear. Not even on events, sadly. I throw on what I see on the day and work my way around it. Then whenever I see an opportunity to take an outfit shot, I squeeze it in. Believe me, Im not lazy, just uhm, pre-occupied. But I always try, I do. 
So there. Let the backlogs roll. 


To begin the backlogs, let me start with something I will probably laugh at the most 20 years from now.
Something I probably would not want my future clients or future graduate study professors to see. Haha. This was back in September when I hadn't chopped my hair off and got a full fringe. It's that long ago. I wore it to watch the play starred by my good friends Chris and Eden called The Seminar.  (Congrats, friends! :> )

Who remembers my last look in these suspenders? The good girl-school girl look? Like I promised, here's a different approach using the same key piece: skater skirt with suspenders from Love Eleven Shop.  One skirt, two different Dawns. Isn't it fun to mix and match pieces an make them look completely different? :) To those who haven't read that post, click here.

See it now? :)
Well here's her evil twin, the one that spends break times in the field with the jocks while her good twin spends the entire day at the library and eventually landing an internship with google. Haha. Kidding aside, Street sexy is all the rage lately... muscle tees, band tees, sneakers, denim cut-offs, midriff tops, and I'm a big fan! Admit it, we all want to go "medjo bad girl" (fashion-wise, at least) once in a while. Don't lie. :P But when you have an event to grace or a person to meet and you're not in your teens anymore, you can't go all Kesha-yolo right? When I want to inject some feminine class into a street sexy look, I pair my snapbacks with heels.. black little bracelets with tri-color ones.. and midriff-bearing tees with skirts with suspenders. 

I hope you like it my high street-chic meets downtown street-sexy look! 
Dear do I miss blogging. More catch-up posts soon! 
Wishing everyone an epic weekend! I don't know about you but I'm getting a massage!

Snapback: Vans
Midriff Top: Blinkydoodles
Skirt with suspenders: Love Eleven Shop
Shoes: Fashioncookie
Bag: T. Hilfiger

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