Monday, November 28, 2011

Earth-tones and closet basics

Top: Forever21
Ethnic printed dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Muy and Forever 21
Neckalce: Tiny Ensembles
Satchel: from Wendy
Hippie band: from Ate Jan
Wrist bands: Everywhere

So that's me last Sunday, feeling bright and happy as the colors that I chose show. I'm wearing earth tones too, which is great for morena skin. 

Whenever I shop, I always look for dresses and bottoms, not tops. I always tend to feel that if I'd have to spend,I'd rather go for something edgy. That basic tops are not worth my buck. It even shows in the clothes I choose for BLINDxx. I was happy, until I arranged my closet just recently and realized, wow, topless.  (not like that) 

I was seriously running out, and I even had more bottoms! That's why when the ever famous f21 opened last week, I scanned for basics.  Quality tops can go a long way, especially basics. You can transform it street casual to smart casual to sunday's best to corporate and vice versa, you can do wonders and you can over-use it, it all boils down to how you style it. I have a bias for loose tops. 

Realization! It's always easy to get seduced by pretty clothes on boutique racks, but the next time you decide on a wardrobe change, honestly evaluate honestly your lifestyle. In my case, I'm 60% work, 15% day casual, 15 %  Sunday, 10% Party/ Event/ Statement Pieces. So my closet will have to reflect that. Remember, just because it's basic and easy to wear wear doesn't mean it can't get trendy and explosive! ;)


  1. love naku imong top!hehehe..same2 sa top i bought from f21 too!!:))

  2. Style doesn't really have to be expensive and I spend more on the basics and splurge on bottoms and shoes. :)

  3. @Chyrel: Style need not be expensive because style cant be bought, yeah?:P


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