Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In loving memory of washday

Hat: SM Dept Store
Loose Shirt: Promod
Faded Floral Jeans: Topshop
Clogs: Parisian
Satchel: thrift find

Wow. How long has it been since I wore denim jeans?  I'm pretty sure it was on a wash day when I was yet a student. *cue: long sigh* Nothing is more trust-worthy than a pair of good jeans when you're a college kid, but not in my case those last few months of college. Why? Well, first becasue since thesis I've lost so much weight that none of it fits me already; second: trousers and light weight dhoti and harem pants are just breezier to wear; and third: since March, my work place requires me to wear something corporate or anything not rugged at least.

I wore this to a supposed job interview with an architecture firm. You see, unlike other offices, 70 % of workers in arki firms wear rugged, casual, comfortable clothes since they are often thrown onsite, and yes becasue you are supposed to dress as you are to encourage creative environment. So, that day, to blend in, I wore jeans. YEAY. Do I look alright in them? :))  Wore these clogs coz I just had to have some tinsy winsy bit of edginess or I'll die. These clogs are extremely comfortable too, just requires balance. :D Plus, I love the height it gives me.

Even bigger news, I have finally resigned from Ayala Land, and offcially starting next week, I'll be working for  my dean's architecture firm. You know what this means? More jeans. :)) I've been going around looking for cute rubber shoes too, the last time I owned one was way back P.E. 13 class! haha. CLOSET OVERHAUL. I'll be missing my polos, skirts, and blazers. Any advice on how to look chic while being extremely comfortable and casual?:)) Oh boy. Wish me luck!


  1. I love your bright red top, Kat. Wait, is it even red or am I just color blind. I also love your jeans and it's so hard to shop for the perfect fit. Also, we didn't have wash day in CNU. Wait, I think we did but I was not as stylish as I am now when I was still in school. Haha!

    Good luck with your new employer! I've wanted to try a different employer myself but I guess I'm just too loyal. And good for you, you get to wear a lot of jeans. We're so business casual on weekdays. Boo!

  2. It's bright pink, Chyrel! hahah it's okay it can get pretty confusing :))) It is extremely hard, especially for extra petite people like me. double boo!

    Thanks!! haha. Good for you, It pays to be loyal too; later perhaps when I find the right company. haha. Jeans, major goodluck. the hunt begins. haha. Thanks for dropping by! :)))

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