Monday, November 21, 2011

BLINDxx loves Trappings Cebu

 I first laid my eyes on Trappings accessories last July 2011 at the launching of their denim collection: Azul.
Ever since then, I have been constantly aware of their existence! I visit them at the maze when I'm around Ayala Center or I check their page for new pieces. Last October, Ms Mabel Paredes, owner, designer and creative director behind Trappings, along with her sister Ms Mimi Sampang, agreed to grace BLINDxx' shoot with her beautiful pieces. 

I eyed on Trappings because I was deeply entertained by the way that in their last collection, they showcased denim into an edgy, intricate, contemporary piece of accessory. And why not? Everybody knows denim, it's something familiar to everyone and yet apparently understated. I'm not even a huge denim fan but when I saw it, I wanted it. The way they played with the material is hands down innovative.

More than just the denim, what I love about Trappings is variety: there's one for the edgy, outrageous, androgynous, classic, preppy, vintage, name it. It's not something you need an occassion to wear. Especially not something you see at random bazaars and see everyone wearing because each piece is hand-crafted, no two designs alike, read: no mass production. So what you buy, is solely yours. When you look at a piece, you'll know its a work of art. You feel the effort and love invested in every single Trappings original. The prices are very reasonable too!

Here are a few shots that the Kimochi project took especially for Trappings during our shoot.
Not all of it are from their latest set Azul, some are from previous collections. as we needed variety to fit our concept.
Click here if you want to know more about our collaboration: Royal Becoming! :)

photos: the kimochi project
hair & make-up: Nina of A.Label Salon
 models: Sofia and Nika Miranda
styling: Dawn and Ninz Sy
clothes: Blind Clothing

Do visit them at The Maze, 2nd Level, Ayala Center Cebu or add them up here.
 Thank You, Trappings! :)

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