Friday, February 17, 2012

Bulletin Board

"Crop it here, Don. Just my top! " --- Thanks, brotha. Not following directions.

Sorry. It was 12 noon. My least favorite time to take a photo.

This bracelet doesnt fit me actually but I like it.

Hippie Band: Rustans
Sunnies: Accessoriza
Top: Forever 21( Sister's)
Jadphurs: Detail by details
Clogs: Parisian
Bag: Gift from Hanna
Bracelets: Abaseria and WE empire
You can be kind and hype my look here. hahaha.

A quick post before I go to bed. Im not sure if this will classify as print on print or pattern on pattern? :))
Wore this to work last Monday minus the clogs, and then didn't tuck it in for a more relaxed I-have-a-cool-job-kind of look. Haha. Jadphurs and trousers are always my favorite work pieces because they are decent enough for the office, trendy and fun to play with, and most of all-- super comfortable you can almost sleep in them! The hippie band well-- I like how its color looks on orange. I took it off once in awhile that day.

Anyway, I have a couple of announcements. Im sorry if Im about to make this blog post into a bulletin board. :))

Attention! :)

1.) Cinema One Originals

If you guys haven't seen any of the Cinema One Originals, do watch! I have yet to watch it but I already know I'd like it. Personally, Im planning to watch DAMGO, not only because my friend Eden is in it but because it's an internationally acclaimed multi- awarded indie film. Also, there's Confessional and My Paranormal Girl because my friend Phoebe is in it-- and a lot of songs from the local scene as sound track particularly my favorite local band Bethany. You'll be proud about how Cebuano Indie Films have come a long way in content and quality.

2.) Project Runway Philippines 3

You know what's more exciting than Project Runway being back with it's third season? Our very own Cebuano Designer, Cebu fashion blogger Yves is competing! Yay! Show some love and read his post here. Jenno Gacasan, also a Cebuano designer is in it too. Let Ubec talent steal hearts of national reality TV shows like they always do. *char. :p 

Like "Official Project Runway Philippines" on FB and get updates!
Follow @ProjectRunwayPH on twitter!

3.) Blind Clothing's 8th Collection: After Five

Yup, that's right. Blind Clothing's 8th collection is up for grabs! Hope you can drop by and check if you find something you like. This month we pay tribute to the After Five street scene. Whether it's a date, or a party, or a dinner with the girls, everything is better after five. You know you have to dress right.
We have a number of color block key pieces and fashionable deterrents to this cold season.

I am kind of modelling this batch, because we didn't really have time to do a morning/ afternoon photo shoot. So bear with that face. Haha. :))  Thanks to Buddy for helping me achieve my concept despite the time constrain. I especially love how he executed my cover photo. :D

See it here

.... very very very season. I'll be sure to give you a head's up.

Till the Next Post! <3


  1. cute and hip outfit! love it.

    BTW, followed you. <3


  2. already joined the giveaway! <3

    and yeah, i love your outfit posts're like my little bohemian sistah from another mutha! <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

    1. Yayy thanks ate Gizelle for being so game! We really appreciate it. :)
      I know riight? especially cause of my new curly hair! As in serious, after I looked at the shots my bro took, I was like--Ohmygod so vanillaicecream. Coz I remembered you and your hippieband pag BLANC. :)) Oh well couldnt complain. <3


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