Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Dashing "Little" Man

 "When are you making a men's line?"-- my sister and I get this a lot from guy cousins and guy friends who now about BLINDxx.
Truth is, styling men is not really my forte. I know a man with a chic fashion sense when I see one but when I do it myself--I fear I might end of making them look too gay then they can take. :)) I have only styled for men outfits once for local TV and I think I did a questionable job. So when my brother asked Ninz and I to do his prom wardrobe.. *insert sound effect: heartbeat*

It was my brother's first JS prom ever, SHS-J ADC's JS Prom 2011 was themed "Wonderland".
It was held at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Lahug and my little bro's partner Kat was going to wear white.Since his prom came a week after Ninz' 18th birthday, we were left with a week to do everything.

Suits then were a big deal back then. They vary as to design, cut, and cloth, two-piece, three-piece, single breasted or double breasted-- to determine a certain social and work suitability. Gladly, given the theme- we had all the excuse to shun the rules and just play!

taken before he left home to meet the boys

puppy eyes much

Blurry but I like it

Don wanted a classic manly look that will compliment his skin tone, but with an experimental twist.
We looked at style icons of this time, Zac Efron, Chuck Bass and Alex Pettyfer and decided to go with a Bluegray- Black Ensemble with white details. The twist? gloss. :))

This is a bespoke suit, meaning, everything was custom made from measurements, taste, and style of the wearer. However, we had time constrain-- it had to be easy to construct (one week, right?) so we can't do complicated edging and can't use too many fabrics either. Which was good for my parents' pocket though. Haha. 

His suit jacket was double-breasted (known then as a conservative design) with three vertical rows of buttons. We chose a notched lapel (the collar) to avoid having too much going on.
His trousers were semi skinny for than juvenile touch, and then like a classy young man he donned crocodile shoes and good boy hair (sisters' request).

Don and his soccer buddies. Trust me, he didn't dye his hair.

Actual Prom Photos

This was a test of sibling-teamwork, I'd say. I gathered the pegs and came up with a conceptual design, Nina was on top of the selection, execution and production, Don of course, being the client, had the final say in everything and was on top of his own styling. Oh my gosh, I think we just designed men's wear here. :))

I think my not so little man looks dashing.
But then again, I am in every way biased.

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  1. such a supportive ate. love the suit, kat. :)

    1. Dont really have a choice. Wahahaa. But yeah, thanks Ate Dred, happy you like it. <3


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