Saturday, February 25, 2012

Halfway Through

Dreamcatchers in all sorts. Colorful bands. Semi precious gems. Brown Leather. Tri color bracelets.

Blazer: Maldita
Tank: Greenhills Bazaar
Sling Bag: A present from Hana
Skirt: Forever21
Strappies: Forever 21
Necklace: WE Empire (long) Sister's (short)
Bracelets: Random

Hype here , maybe? :)

Half corporate in a blazer. Half casual in a tank.
Half safe with my palette. Half playful with my trinkets.

This is me at my rawest, at my most candid.
For days when you feel like closing your organizer and setting your itinerary list aside to spend a peaceful, dandy afternoon at the gym, a waxing salon, and watch a good movie with your best friend. 
That day, I did nothing. Almost nothing, at least.

#Love long weekends.


  1. love the blazer...;) btw followed you..

  2. can I take you picture some time in the future? -Tik2


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