Saturday, February 11, 2012

Damsel: An Editorial

Exactly about a week ago, I styled for a shoot with 1up2down for the first time.
The peg was Marilyn Monroe. My heart leaped with excitement but it was also panic-stricken.
There's pressure (it IS after all 1up2down!), then there's creativity drought (styling shoots 2 weekends straight) , I had less than a week to prepare, and most of all, I have NEVER done anything NOT contemporary. EVER. I didn't have accessories for it to say the least. All I have are bangles, and necklaces with spikes, feathers and fringes for crying out loud :))

Shoot day came and despite the crazy hectic morning where I ran off breakfast-less,bought last-minute materials, my bag broke on the way, and found out later that Archell forgot to tell our model to bring shoes :)) , I met up with him, Ella and the Maneja couple and off to Fort San Pedro we went. And then, everything else was magic.

Our 16 year old model Marinella Calderon of was just, beautiful and expressive. Wenwen Zaspa's make-up was bullet proof, 6 hours and nothing wore off, not even after a meal! And of course, there's Dexter Maneja and Shanida Maneja, one of the most down-to-earth, passionate creatures I know. No Cebuano photographer doesn't pay respect to the living legend that is papa Dex. They published most of these amazing photos in about less than 6 hours from the time we packed up. Crazy, right?

Photo Roll.

Outfit 1: The Awards-Night Monroe
Dress by Jerrick Macasocol
DIY hair piece

I'd also like to credit the very warm and nice Jerrick Macasocol for lending me his show-stopping gown above without hesitation. If you happen to remember my post about BLANC magazine and ABSTRAQ fashion show, you'll know that this was one of my favorite pieces. :) Once I was given the peg, my instinct automatically pointed to this dress! haha.

Outfit 2: The Runaway Monroe
Dress turned skirt from Blind Clothing
Vest from Blind Clothing (in place of Monroe's fur. haha. )

Romeo, Take me, Somewhere we can be alone..
Taylor Swift much? This is the part where my 12-year-old brother melts and says "pretty <3" HAHA

Outfit 3: Daytime Monroe
Dress turned top, skirt: salvaged from Mom's closet
Head piece: Ria Pepito

 Model: Marienella Calderon of Ozar Philippines

Hairstyle: Aries Baguio
Stylist: Kathrynn Dawn Sy
Designer: Jerrick Macasocol (gown)
Photographers: 1up2down (Archell Vergara, Dexter Maneja, Shanida Maneja)

Special thanks to: Abegail Sanchez (super last minute shoe pull-out and make do. Good thing these worked, thanks Gaileybabe!) 

Hope you enjoyed the photographs, dear readers! :) here's a little BTS.
*all courtesy of 1up2down

Special thanks to my personal assistant-slash-porter. Hahaha :P

Really, Chell? :))

Sarreh for no outfit post!! :))


On a personal note, I love how Ella's face and body expressions blend along with the post-processing of the photos and together narrate a story about glamour and vulnerability, perfection in imperfection. A Damsel in distress. It may be a fashion shoot, but these speak stories to me. I hope it does to you, too.

It was an honor to have worked with every left- brained being who contributed to the success of this personal shoot all for the love of it. I bow to you!

Until next time, guys!
Have a great valentine's! :)

P.S. I will never wear heels to an outdoor all-day styling gig again. I tried. And died. Just a tip. XD


  1. Nice Shoot :) The model is fiercely invogue !

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