Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Wendy.

Dear Wendy,

I've known you 16 years and we've been friends for over 13... but there are so many things I still don't get about you.. like how you enjoy touching my pinky and how you don't like me always taking photos of your pretty feet... how you can have the best dance hits blasting in your hyundai but will only ever dance (or taebo) to "tipsy" in PE class... how you can look like a million bucks in a 50peso dress.. and how you can be so insecure about the guys you date when you're almost perfect.

We are probably the most opposite girls in the world.. I'm tiny, you're tall... Im dark-skinned, you're white as paper... you think my type's too rugged, I think you're type is gay... you're a mad driver, I'm a student driver forever... you like flats, I dig heels... etc.. etc... I like to play hard, you like to take it easy and lucky...

It's funny that when you think about it, we've been thru so much together... being teacher's pet back in 4th grade (MAPE)... joined student council and even ran in the same party... formed an all-girl band and played "Zombie"... even seriously cougered together back in high school together (this I shamelessly say hahaha).

People may misinterpret  you A LOT, but that will never change how I see you-- one of the stronggest, spunkiest, most real, fun people on earth. I wish they can see what they're missing. I wish they can see before they judge.. but while they can't, know that no matter what, I'll always be here, ready to sneak and run out of the office to share a good cry in the car with you.. that and a lot more.

I love you till death do us part! Happy Birthday, Love.  Keep your head high, nails rhinestoned, and your hair golden. The best is yet to come for us.

forever and ever and ever and ever best friends. :( Here are some people who'll be happy to grow old together with you.


I wish you all the love and happiness you've always, always deserved,
Happy Birthday, goodnight. :)



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    1. Kinda gota bit teary doing this too. :)) cge lang, usahay ra ni! Hahaha! <3


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