Thursday, August 23, 2012

A rush of gold, A stroke of genius

Sometime in between my going-out ban last July, I found time to style for a good friend's S/S 2012 collection-- that of promising theatrical designer Jerrick Macasocol. I'm a believer of Jerrick. For a man, he seems to be so familar with the contours of the female body because his designs are some of the most form- flattering pieces I've seen. Also, his inclination to unlikely materials for creating something wearable and avant-garde (like paper, gluesticks, safety pins) is just, commendable. He's the first designer I've ever pulled out from when I started styling not so long ago. :)

But more than all these, Jerrick, just like the entire team behind this shoot (Ryle Young and the Maneja powecouple), is one really genuinely nice, passionate, down-to-earth-person-- now that\s something not so easy to find around a somewhat lofty industry, I swear.

Our work got featured on LIVE! Section on Sunstar last Aug 17, 2012. I'm grateful for this opportunity and once again, It's a pleasure and honor working with personally, some of the best in their craft; and every minute a joy working with people who are almost like family.

Here are the other photos, including those that weren't published.
I had 5 days to prepare for this shoot and the challenge I imposed on myself is to achieve a minimalist look so the designer's creation can just shine through. I had to think more about the feet to hair since I must cut back on my usual accessorizing/ layering/ diy-ing props. It had to be minimal but not deprived of that high fashion elegance. It was quite hard. :)) I've come to realize that in styling, It's harder to subtract than to add.

I think everyone from the model, mua, to the photographers did an amazing job. I can only hope I did them justice.Enjoy :)


Gold Rush
MSCSL S/S 2012

Designer: Jerrick Macasocol
Model: Diana Quartin
Photos: Dexter and Shanida Maneja of 1up2down Photography
Make-up: Ryle Young
Styling: Yours truly

                                                                  A little BTS video!


  1. Congrats with the feature and I am such a fan of both of you! See you in a bit, KDAWNSY! =)

    1. Gkilig sad ko sa comment da. Haha thankyou chy! :)

  2. this is amazing! and in all fairness, these collection of Jerrick deserve a highlight jud! Kudos to both of you and your team :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Antoinette! :) hope to see you here often!

  4. love everything!

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