Friday, August 17, 2012

Of gardens and good mornings

On a normal 7th day of the week, you will usually find me in a skirt, trousers, or a dress-- since I have work in the morning. I'd usually need something that can take me from work to sideline freelance meetings to dinner. But last saturday was no normal day.

August 10-- first day of review for most of us. To me, it was the first saturday when I had the complete liberty to wear shorts the whole day. Oh joy. This happy, breezy, pleasant-colored look matched my mood exactly.  Nothing beats letting your mood dictate your "ootd".. I remember coming to work a few days after this in a buttoned-to-the-top striped polo tucked in black jeans finished off with brown oxfords just because I woke up feeling strict, aloof, mad even. What about you, do you believe in dressing according to your mood or do you dress happy as a disguise on a down day? :)

Sorry for the poor photos, I poked and poked my "busy" brother to take a photo of me just right where he was before I crashed to bed. Before I slept I remember tweeting "Today. One of the few days I'm actually friends with myself." Believe me--- this is a rare phenomenon. and It feels.. amazing. :)

On to the outfit...

This really cute kimono was gifted by the really sweet (and funny) Guada of Thriftgasm. So many girls wanted this but she chose to give it to me. (I love you, Guads! :> ) It had been lying around in my closet and I've been wanting to wear it but didn't find perfect timing.. but that day, I didn't even think. It was calling me.

The top was something I got from what I'd like to call Vanessa's secret closet sale. This girl's my newest friend from CFB (Cebu fashion bloggers) and the time I got this top was the first time we met (haha) but I love her-- she's such a darling. Pun not intended but seems appropriate. haha.

Aaaand my shorts, these were my old galaxy shorts from my old post. I bleached them and I enjoyed so much how it turned out. Kind of artist-y. I also added studs to make it look different. 

So, all of the pieces Im wearing have stories to them. I guess it made the day a little more special too.
I hope you all wake up tomorrow the same way as I did! Happy Weekend! :)

kimono: Thriftgasm
shorts: DIY
scallop tank: topshop tank scored from Vanessa East
sunnies: Accessorize


  1. I enjoyed reading this post. Love Vanessa too! Haha!

    I dress happy when I am so sad. Need more positive vibes. <3

    1. Thanks, chyrel! :) melancholic type? Haha! Good for you, I tend to hate colors when Im pissed :))

  2. love your shorts, dawn! and yes, katt is such a darling! love all the pieces i bought from her too! :))

    toni perfumed red shoes

    1. Thanks, ate Toni! And yes oi, lagot ghapon ko sa maxidress you scored! Huhu :(

  3. absolutely love this outfit!!

    xoxo Raffi ♥

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Alexa! Nice hearing from you. Thankyouu :)

  5. everybody loves vanessa! haha. uy, love the shorts!


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