Thursday, August 16, 2012

Make Your Own Havaiianas 2012: Exclusive Launch

If there's one name that changed how the world viewed flip-flops, it's got to be Havaiianas. These pretty feet candies scream summer all year.

Last week, I was lucky to receive 2passes to the VIP launch for MYOH 2012  from Instylecebu. I was excited, Its like I was going to a slippers buffet. You get to choose everything-- from sole, to strap, to pin. I went with my sister Ninz. Here are photos from the event.

This is Carlo, my childhood friend, surprised to him being the senior assembler for the event. Let's just say he made the whole lining up extra easy for me and Ninz. :)) I'm not kidding, the lines were crazy!
My cute pair. My first colorful pair. Blue sole, pumpkin strap because I like that color combination and aviator pins for a cool factor. Also chose a happiness pin since choosing one will get you to donate to charity. I like that it has different pins on each side.

Ran into friends at the event, too. Jivah, Candice, and Ate Irish for CDN.
My sister chose a lime sole, matallic white strap, and soccer ball pin. Preppy, clean, and sporty. Cute huh? :)


Here's what I wore to the event. I chose to come in something colorful to match the festivity, but easy and casual enough to move around in. Ive waited 6months just to finally wear these bell bottoms by my good friend and budding designer Rockell dela Mered! :))

Crochet Vest: Blind Clothing
Missoni Print Bell Bottoms: Theodore and Fred
Heels: Well, you can't see them

Hype? :)

I later changed into my new pair of flops because I got tired of all the standing aaand because I couldn't wait to try them out! Thanks again to Kristine Roa and Jaja Rama of bigseed media for this treat! Congratulations, Havaiianas! :)


  1. We have the same necklace and congrats for winning the tix, Kath!

    Also, the outfit is love. Totally worth waiting for. Meant to be gyud. XD

  2. really? hahaha got it online, thought it was going to be longger though :))
    Thanks Chyrel, was so afraid the trend would pass before I can finally get it off my closet! :)) Happy that you loyk it!


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