Monday, August 22, 2011


BLINDxx' Third Collection
Photographed by: John Borga , Ed Dilla
Models: Chessa Pales and Erich Munoz
Make-up by: Jo FajardoStyled by: Dawn and Ninz Sy

(Cover Layout executed by Buddy Ong)

For the month of July, BLINDxx went from young and quirky to more mature-sophisticated.

As most of you know, In this batch we had two editorials from two talented photographers, John and Ed. One of them was suppose to do catalogue, and the other editorial. However upon seeing the photos, being a noob photographer myself, I just couldn't let the photos go so I decided to take both in! The more the merrier! The photos were treated beautifully each in their own way.. I wanted to honor that beautiful artistic Individuality so tada! Two Editorials One collection! :)

 The theme was supposedly wanderlust but our shoots as always, have minds of their own. I'm happy about the way it turned out though.  To John the frisbee throwing dude I just met who hated my wanderlust bag and my half baked initial concept (haha), to Ed who really volunteered to shoot  (spell passion?) and was very patient about all my kulit changes despite his sched, Buddy Ong for the post-process and layout of Ed's shots in the catalogue as he went on with his editorial, Chessa and Erich for being so game and for looking perfect in our shoot, to Jo who placed her schedule in jeopardy for me (I thought you'd never wake up! :)) ) BIG FAT THANK YOU!:D

Let me take you on a trip back to the set of Trance

Out takes

Venue. Thanks to Jayjay Chiu for the suggestion :D
The girls. Insert Jo here.<3
 I should really get a haircut (or a good comb), yes?
Ed, are you bullying Erich?
Goofing around with my very pretty models
just because they hate being photographed. :))
Erich's stubborn bangs!
Look! Models eating!
Assisting the photogs. Shooting outdoors under the noon time sun, HARD.
The grace and poise ofChessa
plus the  girl next door gorge-ness of Erich
**L U C K Y G U Y **
hahahah :))
Its actually the first time we had guys involved in the shoot.
Thanks John and Ed for not traumatizing us :D
Jo Fajardo's hand at work. Jo left early so I have very poor photos of her x_x
Love You Jo! :)
Glory Hill is love. Greek Columns, abandoned swings, dancing statues.


Ed Dilla's Set

John Borga's Set

I did the editorial layouts to somehow sew things together, 
I hope I didn't disappoint the boys?:))
Anyway,I should really be more punctual with my BTS.
Thanks again to my vibrant team for EVERYTHIIIIING! 
See you all next batch! Thanks for your unending support to BLIND :)
Visit or for the full set

Leaving you with a little something something from my kit lens during the shoot.

Softness of a woman

"She's no stranger to my reveries"
"She used to be my playmate"
Still Here

Kdawn :)

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