Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello hello! This post is 2 months late coz I've been really busy. I'll try to be more punctual next time.  :) But here are a few takes and out takes from BLINDxx past two batches! Enjoy! :D


 styling, photos, set design, creative direction: yours truly (with Ninz)
Teaser: Me
Layout: Buddy Ong

Models: Wendy Po, Sang Pepito
MUA: Jo Fajardo

For batch 2, I wanted to do something home cooked. This batch I got to do with 3 of my best friends from high school (since the other 3 are scattered around the world!) Hi Jo, Sang and Wendy. :) Locale? my bedroom. Ninz and I shot for this batch. It was my first attempt to do post-processing for BLINDxx. It was hard considering we had no flash trigger/ reflector disk so we had to make do with the room's general lighting. I had to think of a way to post process it different than my usual play of shadow, highlights. I wanted a quirky vintage post-card look for the presentation, good thing Buddy Ong once again, came to my rescue, and executed my vision despite the fact that--- he's a guy. haha. What I couldn't achieve in the photos he complimented on the layout. We make a good team don't you think?:)

Also, Since it was Sang and Wendy's first time to model and we can't pull off a very modelly set (Yep I forced them haha love you guys)  We later found a way to package things in a very candid, casual, feel- at- home but  pretty kind of way. 

Thus the name : Boudoir. A french word for girls' dressing room.

Isn't Buddy an adobe genius?:))
Sang. Bet you can't tell she's pregnant?:P
You wouldn't believe it. But this is Wendy getting tired.
I took a shot of her where she was getting some air instead.
I like it!

Wendy. She makes all clothes look like a millon bucks!

Trusted MUA Jo Fajardo does it again. See the contour she did on Sang's cheeks?
Ninz posed for the other clothes since it was getting late already and we had to call it a day

We did the shoot after work, it was crazy. The rush hour, traffic,and dead cellphone battery didn't help either. But at about 8PM everyone made it to my house and we stated 4 hours late. Good thing we had two models. made shooting a so much faster and easier for the models. (VALUABLE LESSON!) 

So glad to have seen my girls that night, first time we got to work on a project after high school. I love you girls, I miss you already! And to the rest, come home soon will ya?:)

Something Chard (left most) made 4 years ago when Shelly was the only one gone.
Coincidentally, the other two (to her right and left) left  years after :(

With Shelly last January

Shortest. haha.

Team Cebu. yeayuh.

Thanks again to my gorgeous girls for doing this with me, to their boyfs for supporting even though all I had for you was canned beer, and to everyone who appreciated our work of art! :)



  1. Yess indeed you guys make a good team <3 hahaha

  2. Hahhaha. Hey Snap, follow me will ya! and put something in that blog of yours:))

  3. Am already a follwer shhhhhh hahaha secretooow hehe will post something soon :)) busy pa hehe


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