Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Featured on Philippine Street Fashion :)


Dress turned corset top by Alyn Paige, Shoes: Moy
               Mom's vintage trousers
( I love how people used to have these tailor made for them)

When Marco approached me and I posed, I secretly regretted not bringing
my golden Liz Claiborne purse with me :((((


See feature here

Forgive me for being so redundant, I'm just really grateful to be on philippinestreetfashion. Can you blame me? I'm a new, not to mention occasional blogger (I don't even qualify as a fashion blogger since the few times I blog, I rarely get to blog about what I wear!) So you see, this really meant something to me. I'm just happy that people "get" my drift. Haha. ( I wanted to say style but..) Right now I  love chic/ classy looks with a dose of attitude. I dig tropical colors and things with a hint of boho. I'd like to believe that I'm a reincarnated gypsy or Princess Jasmine. Haha. Thus the ensemble. 

I wore this to the Trappings Fashion Show at Formo last July. It was a last minute pick since we were running late and I originally planned on wearing a french cut midi dress but realized I was going to a resto bar (hahaha). I didn't come in denims as per dress code and I felt bad for violating but I just didn't feel like it :(

So there. Thanks so much Marco, if you're reading this. You don't know how shocked and psyched I was after you shot me. Haha. :))

I have a list of blog entries to catch-up with but I just HAD to squeeze this in. Goodnight :)

P.S. Thankyou Tita Jill for sending me this gorgeous dress <3


  1. I love your outfit!!


  2. Phil St Fashion brought me to your blog. I loved this look, so chic and sophisticated! ;) gypsy and boho, eh? More like Esmeralda XD

  3. Yes, exactly, Esmeralda. I love her! haha. If I didn't know Jasmine was a princess I'd think she's a gypsy too. :)) Thanks Christina! :)


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