Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Archell Vergara x Blind Clothing

 I got invited to style for a shoot last Sunday by well- loved events and portrait photographer Archell Vergara, a good old friend and business partner. It was less than a week's notice but I was more than happy to abide. (Since I've always been curious to see him at work)

Whenever we meet, all we really do is eat, talk (he does 90% of that)  design shirts, brainstorm and run errands for Artteefacts.  So I thought It would be interesting to see him doing his thing.  It was also the first time I met our model, Archell's discovery: Zenny. This was her second/ third time to model but I think she has a natural flair in her, she's very low maintenance, fun, aaand she does her own make-up! :)) 

I like it when everyone gets along in shoots. Makes it more fun than it already is.
My assignment was kind of a US high street look, using a neutral color palette.
Pre-styled the morning before the shoot. Im not kidding. I'm not playing rock star, I'm just reaaaally busy with work lately. I hope I did okay. I'm pretty happy with it. What do you guys think? :))

It didn't take a day for Archell to upload the photos. (excited?) Here they are now.
Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed doing it! :)

Evening shots taken with just 2 flash triggers and a cellphone. Woah.

Photographer: Archell Vergara
Model: Zenny Bulalaque
Stylist: Dawn Sy (Moi!)
Clothes: BLINDxx
Locale: San Agustin Heights

Check out Archell's Official Like Page here. :)
Felt like wearing something Shabby Chic that day.
(And unitentionally tribal)
Wearing Canvass boots from Aldo.
 Necklaces from Dawn Ong and WE Empire
Shirt dress from Blind Clothing. I made one sleeve of this oversized shirt dress fall freely off my shoulders (my fave laid back look) and wore sunnies that whole hot afternoon.
Thanks Tul, for sneaking in my outfit shot for the blog.
I look rather scary. :)))) Oh well.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Vanessa! <3
      I can especially picture you in the maxi skirt and floppy hat ;)

  2. chic and totally my style...love all the looks! <3 you did an awesome job here!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

    1. Hala yeah noh?:))
      I'm glad you think so. Thanks so much, Ate Gizelle. <3


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