Friday, January 27, 2012

The City of Dreams: A Photodiary

The City of Dreams

An old Chinese fishing boat as against Hongkong's new skyline
Floating Restaurant

food for their gods
faith in a different flavor

View from the peak

Breathtaking Victoria Harbor

Taken from the harbor. Hongkong City Lights.
Tale as old as time

Old as it can be

Neither one prepared, beauty and the beast.

Always, always, a disney girl.

To the music of Mulan's OST
Ayala Land, I said to myself after taking this shot across the temple
Brutalist Architecture. 

Industrial Design

Street food

where neon lights burn bright and urge to shop is painful to fight.

Street is an adjective.

What's better than travel is home

Where Yachts and Old Fishermen Boats meet
To see the world, one stamp at a time.


I hope you enjoyed my first mini photo- diary!
Glimpses of the Airport, Man Mo Temple, The Peak Tram, Old Fisherman's Village, Tinkerbell's Tower, Disneyland, Victoria Harbor, and the busy streets of Kowloon.
A weekend basked in tour guide information coupled with juicy local inside stories. 
Of Cuisine, Culture, Architecture. 
Of distinct Hongkong street fashion. 
Worked up feet, worn out lense.
All these, with the people who matter to me the most.



  1. Beautiful shots baby girl! Not one without a story to tell! Very impressive!

    1. Awwe. Thanks, Mommy Shabs. I'm so happy it spoke to you in a way. I've had several emotions trying to post process them.:))

  2. this made me miss HK! beautiful pictures indeed!

    1. Ay. Thanks Ate Toni! Thanks for letting me borrow yours from your BLANC post :D

  3. So true, awesome photos indeed! Ah, to travel internationally remains in my bucket list.

    1. Thanks, Che. :) Eurotrip. Ultimate bucket list. haha.
      Hey, bookmark airline pages for promos!!! :D

  4. Nice photos you kat :) You didnt post a look ! Anw, keep in touch lng ta pirme :) Close nata ha ? lol

    1. So happy you like them, Frankie! I did man, that last shot. kana ra. hahahah.
      Haha okay, I like that. Followed you back! :))

  5. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

    1. Hey Thanks, Melanie! Will email you shortly :)


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