Saturday, January 21, 2012

Little Miss Sunshine (and my new perm)

Oversized Denim Blazer: BLINDxx
Dress: gift from Buddy
Necklace: WE Empire
Bracelets: Real Tri color bracelets + downtown fancy ones

You are my shunshine
my only sunshine
you make me happy
when skies are gray
you'll never know, dear
how much I love you
Oh please, don't take my sunshine away.

This look reminds me of that song.
"Soft and Sweet" has never really been my element when it comes to dressing up. This particular day, I decided to try it. Couldn't stand it, so I had to throw on a denim blazer for a bit of womanly sophistication. Times when you feel both kiddy and mature all at the same time.  

Wore this before I got my new perm a week before Sinulog. I've been wanting to change my do for the longgest time. I usually get one about every 4-6 months but this, I've had since (can you believe it) FEBRUARY 2011 :)) I NEVER posted this until Sinulog was over because I just know It'll be hilarious.
(very in season, if you know what i mean!)
So here's my perm, world.

HAAHAHA. Webcam photo. Forgiveness?

Got this at Tony and Jacky, for those who are curious. My peg was the blonde, surfer girl who modelled a watch wearing a brown blazer; the one right beside Benetton, near Topshop at Ayala Center, Cebu. Teehee. Mom has been demanding a haircut because she couldn't stand my hair already, so she was happy to pay for my do. (Oh yeah! *wink*) She wanted a classic short curly hair, the old hollywood kind but I wanted it to look nothing romantic, more carefree, bed-head bohemian, with a bit of class. Haha. The stylist used really small rollers that my locks bounced like a spring every time she pulled it. It scared the life out of me, good thing it got loose after washing. 
It reminds me of V.Hud's curls at High school Musical 2. Haha. Does it look alright? :))


  1. Swerte! I should convince my mama to pay for my hair problems! Hahaha!

    Love the new 'do, btw!

  2. Yep, all you have to do is look terrible. Hahaha.
    Thanks Chy, that's a relief! :))


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