Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ethnic City x WE Empire

Top: Blind Clothing
Belt: Kamiseta
Skirt: Bubblespot Trends
Boots: From Mom
Accessories: WE Empire

Seriously, Can it get any more awkward than this?  hahahahah sh**
Oh well. I tried. :))

a bun for the evening

I whipped up an urban- ethnic ensemble because I've been wanting to try on this solo feathered earring and a couple of bracelets that I got from WE Empire's gypsy collection. Since I love all things boho, I hoarded things from them right away. Check out their stuff, most of it are hand-made by the young owners themselves, Erich and Winchell! The pieces make me so dreamy it took me about a week to take it out from its plastic. I just had it on display at the dresser. It's that precious! :))

Anyway, there's a story behind that rope belt. Isn't it cool? It came with a dress my mom bought long ago (she already gave it away) and I decided to keep it since the colors and prints were very interesting to me. Little did I know that one day, It'll be the perfect accent to an ethnic-inspired outfit.

Girls, let's not always chase trends but rather let our individuality shine through our choice of pieces. When you see a beautifully crafted piece of accessory, a really interesting print/ detail/ composition, keep it and believe in it (drama). One day, trends will come and you can only laugh triumphantly at your ability to spot beauty in the vague. That rewarding, and amusing " I knew it" moment.  :))

Wore this on a visit to my step grand mother right after Christmas. Can you tell through the colors that I had such a happy mood? It looks more like Sinulog than Christmas, right? :)) It was not easy to constrain myself from wearing a hippie/ gypsy costume believe me! I got carried away, its a good thing my sister snapped me back to my senses so I could decide to add a few things to make it more contemporary.

Dont forget to check out WE Empire! :) Here are a few of my personal favorites from their gypsy collection :)


  1. Added them on facebook before this entry was posted and yes, you hoarded all the good stuff. Sold to you naman. XD

    1. Hahaha. Grabe sad, Chyrel! They actually made additional pieces of those i wanted nga na sold na. Yes, they can do that, so order away. :))


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